History of the AEF

The Academy has changed its name a number of times since it was founded in 1963 as the Academy of Mississippi Economists. The name was first changed in 1973 to Midsouth Academy of Economists to reflect the expansion of the academy beyond Mississippi and its bordering states. The Academy's name was changed a second time in 1984, this time to the Midsouth Academy of Economics and Finance. This name change brought to the open what had been a fact for a number of years: the increasing role played by financial economists and finance specialists in the Academy. The final name change in 1997 to Academy of Economics and Finance was prompted by the fact that the membership base of the Academy had gradually extended well beyond the Midsouth region of the United States. Academy members can now be found in many states and also outside the borders of the United States.

Past Presidents

Academy of Mississippi Economists (1963-73)

1963-64 - Founding Fathers, Mississippi College
1964-65 - D. Grey Miley, Mississippi College
1965-66 - Randolph G. Kinabrew, University of Mississippi
1966-67 - J. Anderson Davis, Mississippi State University
1967-68 - James Parks, University of Mississippi
1968-69 - James McQuiston, University of Southern Mississippi
1969-70 - John Peterson, MS Research and Development Center
1970-71 - Robert Howell, Mississippi State University
1971-72 - William Thornton, NW Mississippi Jr. College
1972-73 - George Currie, Jackson State College

Midsouth Academy of Economists (1973-1984)

1973-74 - Paul Hendershott, University of Mississippi
1974-75 - Colleen Cameron, University of Southern Mississippi
1975-76 - Robert Y. Awh, Mississippi State University
1976-77 - Tom Shephard, Hinds Junior College
1977-78 - Coldwell Daniel, III, Memphis State University
1978-79 - John Kaminarides, Arkansas State University
1979-80 - Roger K. Chisholm, Memphis State University
1980-81 - Gary Young, Delta State University
1981-82 - William D. Gunther, University of Alabama
1982-83 - Thomas McKinnon, University of Arkansas
1983-84 - Patricia Sanderson, Mississippi State University

Midsouth Academy of Economics and Finance (1984-1997)

1984-85 - Michael Butler, University of North Alabama
1985-86 - Fred Kittrell, Middle Tennessee State University
1986-87 - David E.R. Gay, University of Arkansas
1987-88 - Jim McMinn, Austin Peay State University
1988-89 - Paul Merkle, LSU Shreveport
1989-90 - Jo Ann Jones, Georgia College
1990-91 - Tyrone Black, University of Southern Mississippi
1991-92 - Jerry Crawford, Arkansas State University
1992-93 - John J. Dran, Jr., Northern Illinois University
1993-94 - John T. Lee, Middle Tennessee State University
1994-95 - Luther D. Lawson, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
1995-96 - Edward T. Merkel, Troy State University
1996-97 - Ernest R. Moser, Northeast Louisiana University

Academy of Economics and Finance (since 1997)

1997-98 - George H. Carter, University of Southern Mississippi
1998-99 - Kristin K. Howell, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
1999-00 - J. Thomas Lindley, University of Southern Mississippi
2000-01 - William W. (Woody) Hall, Jr., University of North Carolina at Wilmington
2001-02 - David L. Sollars, Auburn University Montgomery
2002-03 - Richard Cebula, Armstrong Atlantic State University
2003-04 - David Lange, Auburn University Montgomery
2004-05 - Bichaka Fayissa, Middle Tennessee State University
2005-06 - Graham Mitenko, University of Nebraska at Omaha
2006-07 - Albert E. DePrince, Jr., Middle Tennessee State University
2007-08 - David Boldt, University of West Georgia
2008-09 - William Sackley, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
2009-10 - Richard McGrath, Armstrong Atlantic State University
2010-11 - Robert Stretcher, Sam Houston State University
2011-12 - Steve Jones, Samford University
2012-13 - Robert Burrus, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
2013-14 - Jocelyn Evans, College of Charleston
2014-15 - M. Douglas Berg, Sam Houston State University
2015-16 - J. Edward Graham, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
2016-17 - Mary Kassis, University of West Georgia